About Kathy

It’s a very long way from Seoul, South Korea to Pasadena, California. I made that long journey back in 1979. Today, golf is experiencing an explosion of popularity in Korea. But when I was growing up, almost no one in my country played the game.


After I came to the United States, I worked in the fashion industry. Later, I heard about golf and was interested to learn about it. I found the Western Golf College & Driving Range. That tiny, little indoor range, only 20 yards in length, is where I first learned to swing a golf club. From there, I went on to play pitch and putt courses like Verdugo Hills and learning more about the game bit by bit. Over time, I got more serious about golf and joined the Women’s Club here at Brookside. Then, I was still a typical bogie-golfer with a 14 handicap. The time had come for me to get even more serious about golf.


So, I began coming to Brookside at 5:30 in the morning with a shag-bag full of practice balls. With hundreds of hours of hard work, I built my game up from nothing and whittled my handicap all the way down to 4.6. I had become a real player and went on to become the E.O. Nay Club Champion at Brookside three times.


Today, I am a PGA and LPGA Class A Professional. When I accomplished my goal of attaining Class A PGA and LPGA professional status my two daughters were really proud of me. They always prayed for me when I took the many tests required by the PGA and LGPA. They encouraged me by always telling me that I could do it! I remember those words of encouragement were always so helpful. In return, I have tried hard to show my daughters to always work diligently and never give up on their dreams.


Since 2003 I have been teaching children and adults the game I love. I enjoy teaching golf to both kids and adults but I especially like teaching children. Kids are always happy simply to be hitting the ball. I see myself as an ambassador for golf. I want all of my students to know that everything I have accomplished in golf they can accomplish, too.